Pulses: The Heroes of Nutrition and Agricultural Sustainability

Agriculture, Nutrition, Food Security
SecureNutrition, UC Davis, World Bank Group Agriculture Global Practice
Dr. Douglas Cook
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October, 2016
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On October 5, 2016, Dr. Douglas Cook of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Climate Resilient Chickpea gave a wide-ranging talk covering the scientific, agricultural, nutritional, and climactic aspects of pulses. As event chair Willem Janssen, Lead Economist in the World Bank Group Agriculture Global Practice, pointed out in closing, "where do you get a seminar where one question is about the composition of amino acids and the next about how you can encourage demand in non-traditional markets--it's the best, and Doug has been fielding all the answers."

In his presentation, Dr. Cook touched on:

  • the basics of pulses and legumes,
  • the extent of their cultivation and use in diets both over time and at present,
  • impacts of shifting climate on production,
  • the relationship between crop nutrition and growing environment,
  • the use of partnerships in connecting basic agricultural science to delivery of crops to smallholder farmers, and
  • the role of genetics, biotechnology, and soil microbes in the future.

See the full video recording here, or download the presentation using the button below.

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