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  • SecureNutrition aims to bridge knowledge gaps between agriculture, food security, and nutrition. This platform offers a space to exchange experiences and to disseminate and gather information. Please join us in our quest to foster open development through increasing coordination and collaboration in the generation and sharing of knowledge. 


Latest Blog Posts

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      Are There Any New Ideas in Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture? read more >>

    • Rebalancing Agriculture Delivers for Nutrition and Gender

      Rebalancing Agriculture will Deliver for Nutrition and Gender Equality read more >>

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      The Problem with Protein

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      Learning from World Bank History: Agriculture and Food-Based Approaches for Addressing Malnutrition read more >>

Seminar Series

  • The Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative view here >>

  • Combining Focused Ethnographic Study (FES) with Optifoods Dietary Analysis view here >>

  • Harvesting Nutrition view here >>

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    Iron Pearl Millet Reverses Iron Deficiency in Children - HarvestPlus Study read more >>

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    FAO hails G20 focus on building sustainable food systems and reducing food loss and waste read more >>

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    ELDIS Top 10 Document Downloads of 2014


    • Jul12
      Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy, and Outcomes 2015
    • Jun02
      Healthy Food for a Health World - London Report Launch read more >>
    • May20
      Brussels Development Briefing: Improving nutrition through accountability, ownership and partnerships read more >>